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World Racing 2: The week-at-a-glance of the latest addons (week 36)

NewsDuring the last week there were not as much addons as in the week before but enough to enhance the pleasure playing World Racing 2 a lot.
We show you all new entries in our week-at-a-glance and tell you, what you could have missed.
All in all there are 9 new addons waiting for you!
PreviewAs usual we start with the oldest addon and go forwards to the most recent one. Just at the beginning of the week we uploaded the Chevrolet Camaro Z28, converted by Anoussa & Jeroen, to our database. This american classic from 1979 gives off some special feeling when pushing throttle. Attended by the fantastic V8 sound it's a pleasure to drift through corners and and one will be reminded of the glory times of the muscle cars.
The real fans of the muscle car era will say the Camaro is not a real muscle car, which is right of course. Nevertheless it is a great addon which the fans of american cars should like.

PreviewMaking a massive leap of time we come to the second car of the last week. The latest model of the Hyundai Genesis Coupé, converted by pmx6s has been added to our database. Not a car which many people like as they think it was bad because it is cheap. Even though many people think like that, the car definately isn't bad and has a nice design. So whoever would like to drive a round with this coupe from korea should download it as soon as possible.

PreviewThe Ford Fusion is another addon converted by pmx6s. Most europeans will think for the Multi Activity Vehicle by Ford Germany, but no, that's not it. Its the sedan by Ford USA.
With a pretty american front and lots of other optical elements which are known from the usa only it is a well appreciated difference from the usual cars added to our base.
Well, theres one thing with it: It will only do a 180km/h. 263hp would be enough for a way higher topspeed, but because of inadequant tires Ford USA has decided to limit the cars to 115mph/185km/h.

PreviewWe continue futuristic and fast with the so called "Seitenwagenbike" from Pischti. Beside the Mercedes-Benz 250D at the end of this news it is the only comletely scratch made vehicle. Pischti made the 3D model, created the textures and converted the car to World Racing 2.
And again this is a very special and high quality model as everybody should know, who is familiar with the modding scene. Everyone who isn't should check out the Seitenwagenbike immediately and have a ride with it!

PreviewOur fifth addon let us move to Germany or better to Zuffenhausen. There the Porsche Boxster S is produced. It is the smallest Porsche but still a real rac from Zuffenhausen. The S-version is euqipped with a powerful engine that shows others what sportscar means.
The convertible has been converted by Jeroen & Sn1p3r and is available for everyone for WR2 with immediate effect.
When you think the car is too slippy, just wait for the update, which is already in progress and will impreove the handling.

PreviewWe stay in Zuffenhausen, but we put another 169 horsepoweres on the 310 of the Boxster S to get the Porsche Turbo 997. Packed with original Porsche colors here comes an addon, converted by koce, with some extra rims in really crazy colors.
Of course they will not fit everyones taste but they are real addon rims so you can use them with other cars, too.


PreviewWith the Toyota Supra MKIII, another sportscar, we go to japan. The supra from the 90s, more precisely 1992, is still a car which should not be underestimated. The 276 hp are enough to fear even modern cars because a few years ago were lighter and by that faster. Even though the modern engines have more power the supra is not a car which only looks fast.
Before you do not believe this, you should download the car converted by pmx6s and see that it is fast.

PreviewThe last addon we want to present is not for World Racing 2 but for it's predecessor, Mercedes-Benz World Racing. The game is 7 years old now but from time to time there are still new releases because even today fans are still keeping the modding scene alive.
Mitchieboy has released another addon which fits the original models of MBWR perfectly. With its Diesel the 250D definately is not a sporty car but nevertheless nice to drive.

Mehr Rennspiel News gibt es im News-Archiv. Dort findest Du alle Neuigkeiten zu Rennspielen.
Weißt Du ein Thema über das wir noch nicht berichtet haben? Schick uns Deinen Hinweis!

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