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World Racing 2: The week-at-a-glance of the latest addons (week 37)

NewsAnother week passed by and there were already new addons released for World Racing 2. As we do since some time here comes our week-at-a-glance of the latest releases.
This week also had a big variety of modifications. Cars, rims or licence plates, you will find something from everything.
PreviewWe start with a very rarely car. The Lotus Omega is converted from Forza 3 to World Racing 2 by Crazzak. This Lotus, which is a cooperation of Lotus and Opel was 1991 one of the the fastest sedans of the world. Only the Alpina B10 Biturbo was faster in the final velocity, but in the acceleration the Alpina wasn't better than the Lotus Omega. Only 5,4 seconds needs this car for the sprint to 100km/h. The Omega reaches 283km/h.

PreviewFor all those, who are meaning the Lotus is too fast and those who want to customize theirs cars in World Racing 2, we have this addon. It's an addon rim, the 1000 Miglia Chronos, which is modeled by Triumph-Ator. He had converted the model to World Racing 2 and released it now for everyone.


PreviewBack to cars now. Famous for a vast number of high quality addon cars and tracks converted from various racing games, he presents us his next pack: The 2008 DTM vehicles. With this a new volume of the Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft is playable in World Racing 2, 'cause in March 2010 he converted the 2005 DTM vehicles. Now you can race with the 2008 drsdon cars, too.


A completely different addon or better an update with a very funny intention was released by TheGU. He created a new Editcar for the Audi RS6, that was originally converted by koce. This update is called "Rambo" and the name fit's perfectly. When you use this new editcar the RS6 gets much more weight and power and is able to crash the traffic without the danger to be stopped too much itself.
When you like to have some funny crashing you should check out this update.

PreviewFor all user from Czechia, or those who like this country we have the last addon for today. From the modder Tedster we have this Czech license plate, which replaces the normal ones. Interested?

Mehr Rennspiel News gibt es im News-Archiv. Dort findest Du alle Neuigkeiten zu Rennspielen.
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Die DTM-Wagen waren das Highlight der 37. woche Thumbs Up
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