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RSS Feed Links v2.0

News - https://games.reveur.de/rss.php?t=n&la=en
Addons - https://games.reveur.de/rss.php?t=a&la=en

By default the news and addons feed contains nine entries.
This limit could be increased with the additional parameter &li=15.
The number behind the equal sign specifies the number of entries in the feeds.
A modified link with the number of 15 entries would look like the following:

What is RSS?

Always up to date, always available, that are the RSS Feeds of games.reveur.de.
RSS Feeds are so called subscriptions of website content. They are created in XML format and are easy to use with a RSS Feed Reader.
A RSS Feed contains short informations of web content, which is available in full form on a website. Beside the short texts there could be images and most important it contains the link to the full content of the website.
The XML format is a standard, which makes it simple to use for third party webmasters or others.

What offer games.reveur.de RSS Feeds?

Absolutely free and easy to use with a RSS Feed Reader, you have the possibility to get the latest News about racing games for PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 and Addons. To read your prefered Feed use a Feed Reader. That keeps you up to date and you always know the latest news.
You can use e.g. RSS Reader (en) or FeedReader (en) to get the latest RSS feeds on your PC.

More ways to use our RSS Feeds

Additionally to the use with a RSS Feed Reader all webmasters can use our RSS Feed to show our latest news on their website directly.
Basic programming skills are helpful but the XML of the feeds contains all informations a webmaster needs to be able to have access to news of games.reveur.de.
Same as the normal usage also the implementation of the news on other sites is for free as long as the webmaster shows the copyright of games.reveur.de.

Nevertheless, the implementation is only allowed for non-commercial websites. Others need special permission from games.reveur.de.
Getting a hint, where the feed has been implemented would be very kind.
A simple E-Mail to Image is enough.


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