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To be reasonable with each other there are also some rules here at games.reveur.de.
These rules should offer a nice stay.

Who does not follow there rules has to accept the consequences (e.g. exclusion).

  • reasonable conversation
  • no defamation of members, moderators/administrators
  • no sexual, racist or foul-mouthed postings
  • postings only in German or English
  • no discussions about filesharing or other illegal activities
  • no links to illegal websites or contents
  • don't post in old topics without reason
  • no advertisement/propaganda or forbidden links (details see Signatures, Avatars, Postings - Linkrules)
  • no spamming, postings without a special affiliation can be written within the OffTopic forum but postings with only a smilie or one word are not allowed anywhere
  • no double posts (avoid as much as possible)
  • release of private messages from other members are allowed with autors permission only
  • Notes from moderators in postings (edited) must not be removed but should be kept even if the posting gets edited by the author later again, exceptions are, if the author changed the point, the moderator noted, than the moderator edit can be removed
  • Using red formatted text is not allowed. Only moderators use red text color! There are enough different colors that there is no need to use red.
  • Crossposting, that means postings in other forums in the internet with the same question are not allowed.
  • The owner of this forum dissociate oneself from any kind of right-wing extremist, xenophobic, inhuman or similar natured postings and points out that games.reveur.de welcomes everyone. People who act in different can be excluded from the forum anytime
  • The team of games.reveur.de is authorised to remove dispensable and considerably as spam apparent postings and topics without any information. Every member is resposible for the postings itself and if those do not fit the forum rules they can be removed by the team.
  • Loose Rule: To improve the readability we like to ask you to use only 3 smilies side by side.


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